Feeling festive…

Feeling festive – yes! But also feeling tired. Really really tired. 

The roll down to Christmas, but everything is still busy. I wonder how I can make it feel better?  How can I stop feeling so swamped by everything? Or should I just accept that it’s ok to feel swamped, because there is lots of stuff – and just take a deep breath and plod along bit by bit?

The feeling hasn’t been helped by the fact that hubby has been away all week and isn’t back till Sunday. He’s always away just before Christmas and it always ends up feeling pants – which isn’t really fair to either of us.

So I’ve been running around, getting grumpier and less festive towards the pickles as the week has gone on. Get up. Get dressed. Get out of the house. Listen. Quicker. Why can’t you ever…? Run. Train. Train delays. Office. Meetings. More meetings. No time to do the work needed between meetings. Run. Train back. Train delays. Rubbish traffic. Tired pickles. Tired me. Fruit. Spellings. Bath time. Reading homework. Stories. Songs. Lights off. Laundry. House clear up. Repack school bags. Log on. Clear work. Try and sort birthday and Christmas and birthday presents and plans. Try and remember to order food in. Try and remember to cook and eat dinner. Clear up. Sort for morning. Try and remember to speak to hubby. Sit, for just a little bit and look at the Christmas tree and try and remember that it’s meant to be fun!

And there has been fun. 

Middle pickle had his nativity at nursery and I can honestly say it amazed me. The staff there are amazing. And this little, chaotic, loud group of 3 & 4 year olds put on a lovely show, singing their hearts out and making for a very proud group of parents.

And biggest pickle had her school show. 150 year 1 & 2 children, organised enough to sing and dance and behave like angels. I cannot sing the praises of teachers enough. 

So, they dont listen. And they are slow. And they don’t care about any of the things that I seem to think are so important – like being on time, being tidy, doing everything perfectly, for everyone. But they know their own minds. And they, even the littlest pickle,are all feeling festive.

I think I should probably take a leaf out of their book…

Merry Christmas everybody.