About me

I’m a (just turned) fortysomething, working mother of three.  A Leadership and Personal Development Coach who turned her whole world upside down last year – and moved from London to Shanghai .

I write when I can, about my life leap, about things that catch my attention and / or bug the hell out of me, as I wander my way through this adventure of expat life.

I am absolutely part of the ‘lean-in’ generation – but the not falling over part is hard – and that was one of my main reasons for making the change from full time employee to CEO of me!

I’ve had my fair share of hours, days and weeks where it really feels like it’s not working, that ‘something’ has to give – but something has always shifted just enough to let me breathe again, and believe that maybe, just maybe, there is a way forward that keeps us all happy (& sane).

My children are little (ish) and I benefit from an awesome husband, who has taken on a great new challange out here in Shanghai – no point just leading a quiet life, hey?  Between us, it works…(mostly)

I am constantly looking for little ‘life-hacks’ that will help.  I’m a compulsive reader, and anything that smacks of ‘modern-woman-self-help’ is guaranteed to be sent to my kindle in the hope that it might just be the thing that provides ‘the’ answer… (I’ve yet to find it, but I’m ever hopeful.)

Interested in how I might be able to help you with your own adventure or life leap?

Email me: hello@nickileapercoaching.com