A Fresh Start – start deciding and start doing

Fresh Start
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So, that was the year that was. And this is a Fresh Start. Back in Shanghai after what felt like an amazingly long break back in Europe and today, the sun is shining. It’s a good day.

And it has started with small steps, but good ones. Actions, rather than just thoughts.

I have cycled the small people to school and nursery, and it seems that the cycling helped the skiing legs. And the skiing has helped the cycling. I’m not quite as unfit as I give myself credit for. On the days that I don’t work, this is how we get to school. Decision made.

I actually sat and did Headspace. I have found the small amount of time every day (bar one – hubby’s birthday) since we got back from hols. And today it felt especially good. Something clicked and those 10 minutes really gave me what I wanted – some peace, some quiet, some clear space.

I have done yoga. And yes, it nearly made me cry again, but it stretched my legs and my back and my ability to apply effort SO much. And it would have been so easy for me to wuss out. To think that I could just leave it until after Chinese New Year. To some other day. I could have sat and thought and weighed up the pros and cons of going. But instead I just went – and am all the better for going to it. Monday mornings – I do yoga. Decision made.

What other decisions have I made?

Well, from the wealth of year end / new year posts and blogs that I read (including my ever favourite, Brené Brown) I took on the idea of having a ‘theme’ or ‘intention’ for my year ahead. Rather than a smattering of new year’s resolutions, I would try and come up with something that would help define everything I want to do in the year ahead. And so my theme is ‘start deciding and take action.

With all the changes last year, I ended up doing a lot of thinking. Well, now it’s a fresh start. It’s time to put some of that thinking into action and start doing some stuff, rather than just waxing lyrical about it.

What do I want more of in my life?

I want more laughter.

More real connection with those that matter to me (less WhatsApp short sharp messages, more FaceTime really catching up with people.)

More writing.  More reading.

And more challenges to myself to do the stuff that makes me feel ever so slightly uncomfortable / shit scared – even though I know it’s what I really want (and this mainly focuses on me actually developing my own business as a coach.)

How do I let go of what no longer serves me?

Well, back to my theme.

This is my fresh start. I need to stand up, speak out and be brave.

Fear, judgement and exhaustion no longer serve me. I get to decide what I want to do. And then I get to get on and do it. I’ll say sorry afterwards as needed to all those I upset or offend.

And I’ll go slowly. Because I have no need to rush.

What will make me feel more alive?

Being brave!

Completing my Co-Active coach training.

Writing more & hopefully getting published more – see here for my ‘proud’ moment of 2016.

(My other proud moment was going down the Suisses black run for the first time ever.  In this case, pride did indeed come before a fall – as on 2nd attempt, I wiped out HUGELY – wondering quite where I might stop on the mountain side and hoping that it wouldn’t be in the face of the snow blower. And whether my ski would ever be reunited with me. I was lucky on both counts – but it reminded me that I am, in essence, a novice on skis and should not kid myself otherwise.)

Running the Electric Woman workshops, here in Shanghai,  that I’ve been planning for ages now with the wonderful Nikki and the tribe. (This is going to require LARGE amounts of bravery…)

Have I contributed more than I criticised?

Hmmm. This is a big one. And I need to think on.  But as an idea it really got me.

As I look back on last year, can I claim that I had a positive impact? Did I do more good than I moaned about bad?

The jury is out. But I’m still working on the closure and completion of all that last year offered up. So more on that one to come…

But right now? Right now, it’s a fresh start. And I can certainly try to make sure that at the end of 2017, my response to that one will be resoundingly positive.

Happy new year everyone. Here’s to a great one. x

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