Girl crush

Yep. It’s true. I am suffering from a girl crush. And worse still, she’s leaving.

Sometimes, someone quite quietly wonderful walks into your world and inspires you to be a better person. Makes you think that you could be the revolution that is needed. But without the blood and death.

And then you don’t follow through. Lack of time hampers the ambition, the desire.  Lack of time limits the potential growth, the friendship that could be there if you just had the time for that meandering chat and coffee. So there’s a lingering memory of the potential of wonderfulness.  And then, as happens, something else happens and the opportunity goes away.

I am older than this calm star, yet less brave, less determined, less focused. And I will miss her. The office will be just a little less filled with the potential of what if. Less full of stories.

My girl crush. Crushed.

Back to the hubby then 😉

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