Guilty Pleasures – and a good day after all

Flint Dry from Chapel Down – my guilty pleasures of the day start with this.  It was meant to be a bottle for tomorrow night when Hubby is back in town, but after the day I’ve had, it has been opened, and maybe I’m showing an English bias, but it’s good. It’s really good…

Guilty pleasure (number 2) will be the chocolate consumed on the sofa post dinner – Willies Cacao Sea Flakes Milk Chocolate.

And number 3 was actually earlier, after an early meeting finish (hurrah, never happens) – I sauntered along quite happily to Waterloo, sat down on my train and started reading a book… Jane Green Summer Secrets – it’s pure rubbish, but the combo of London and Nantucket is making it irresistible to me, and it was so nice to read something long, not just a short tweet, or a facebook post, or even an article… I just want to keep reading.

So post dinner on sofa (far too late, after a doctor’s visit, a late kiddie pick up from after school club, a pharmacy run, a no bath bedtime for the kids, and then the clear down of work), I shall retire to bed and read some more. Just because I can…

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