Having it all? Doing it all!

On days like today, with the rush from meeting to meeting at work, coupled with kiddie chaos, I’m amused by the concept of ‘having it all’. What does that really mean?

I know that I’m doing it all.

Get up, get kids up, drop kids off, get train, (pick up coffee), head into meetings, sandwich at desk while on call, more meetings, text hello to hubby, call from nursery, run out of office, collect said sickly little one (calpol has kicked in, not noticeably ill at all), collect bigger one, home, fruit, bath, most of milk, out to collect biggest one (slightly hyper from all the dancing, screaming and sugar), call and say goodnight to Daddy, more milk, more baths, reading, singing ( v v badly!), laundry, clear up, bins in, log back on to work, clear inbox, pay bills, pack up school bag, reheat dinner (chilli – yum – thank you hubby), SIT (Grand Designs – architecture porn!)

But I haven’t exercised, I haven’t been mindful, I haven’t done anything worthy, I haven’t read. I’ve kept myself moving from one thing to the next, and I know that I want to find a different way… I just don’t think I can sensibly manage that when I’m on my own.

But to get to where I am in this exact moment, to have the three pickles sleeping quietly upstairs, to have these few moments to blog, to know the world’s best duvet and bed are waiting for me… It’s ok. It’s no disaster. (The wine and chocolate help too…)

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