Hope in your Heart

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Hope in my heart

As the year comes to a close and I’m about to start packing bags to leave Shanghai and head back to Europe (to clarify: for a break, not forever – it’s not like we don’t have a track record of that sort of thing…), there is hope in my heart that next year will be better than this year – and that’s a pretty high bar to set, as on a personal level, I’ve had a corker of a year.

But it’s been a crazy year – where things that would ‘never happen’ have happened, across the globe. And I’ve felt so thrown, so flummoxed by humanity – or the apparent lack of it – that I had begun to wonder whether any single voice was ever loud enough to do any good.

But then music set me straight again – and I had such a great sing along to this song, that I had to include it, and some of the lyrics below – as it just summed up so much for me.

“So tell everyone that there’s hope in your heart
Tell everyone or it will tear you apart
The end of Christmas day, when there’s nothing left to say
The years go by so fast, let’s hope the next beats the last”

So, I’m going to head into 2017 with hope in my heart – and I am going to start talking, quite possibly even shouting, about what matters to me.

Because if I do, maybe someone else will too.

And someone else.

Because being silent provides no forward action. No chance for change, for improvement.

But together, maybe – just maybe, the better side of our humanity can be heard – and hope can prevail.

Happy Holidays!

Image credit:https://unsplash.com/collections/396451/lightnesshope?photo=gGbGPfbjbgY

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