Kindness, sleep and magic


This week’s missive is being penned on the road, as I head back from the office to meet the big ones from school/ supply snacks / get them to Kung Fu, then head to get little one, then go to pick up trousers that gave been shortened, and mince meat that forms part of this week’s meal plans, then head back to school to collect big ones from Kung Fu, then head home to get (healthy) dinner, before heading out on the (unhealthy) Trick or Treat rounds… Before trying to coax sugared children to bed…

And in amongst the chaos that many days like this end up turning into, I sometimes wonder what has happened to my Grand Plan of setting up my own coaching business… Of being able to create exactly what I dream off, what I am retraining to do, and what I believe so passionately in.

Because, I mean, I’m not working full time anymore, far from it… I’m blessed with ‘working’ for a mere 12hrs a week, and even then I am lucky enough to be doing something I really want. So, really, why can’t I just pull my finger out and get on with it… It’s not like I don’t know what needs to be done. I’ve got more lists than you could think of, and the one thing I KNOW I can do is manage a project.

And then sometimes, if it’s a good day, I remember to just cut myself a little slack and offer up some kindness to myself.

It’s only been three months since we left the UK, and in that time I’ve moved continents, settled the 3 kids into new school/nursery, set up the associated daily routines including all sorts of after school fun, started a new job, in a new office, with a (mostly) new team of people, moved house, mostly unpacked, worked out how to (mostly) eat, drink and survive in a city where the language barrier is challenging to say the least, and enjoyed weekly 0230am conference calls for a project that is v closely linked to what I do want to be doing with my life.

And so right now, I’m just plain old tired! There are still more boxes to be unpacked, more things to be sorting and planning for – UN Day costumes, Christmas cards to post (no idea how long they might take to arrive – so sorry in advance for their lateness!), Christmas and birthday presents to decide on, order and work out where the hell to get them shipped to – but right now, what I need, to make sense of all of this is just some more sleep. And the understanding that it really is just kindness to grant myself that sleep.

So tonight, forget the to do lists and my Grand Plan. I’m going to bed.


And the magic? Well, that came from Disneytown! Our initial toe-dip into Shanghai Disney.

Who can fail to fall in love with the magic of the sight of the Disney castle? Not me! Nor the kids. Huge smiles all round.

So, kindness, sleep and magic. Not much to ask for hey?


Sometimes, in the words of the good old Rolling Stones, you don’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get just what you need – and that’s what happened to me, last night.

I wanted sleep, I really did. And so I was tempted to miss my random o’clock catch up call. But, ever the ‘obliger’, I dutifully got up and dialled in at 0330, and from this amazing, global bunch of incredible, electric women, I got a heavy helping of kindness, a healthy dose of magic and more inspiration on my grand plan and the way forward for me than I ever could have mustered on my own. 

I have learnt and grown so much, by sharing my here and now with this tribe – a real case of the power of connection – so whilst I might still be (very) tired, there is a spring in my step today, that has translated into a great morning in the office, and a clear plan to go home and sleep tonight! 

There is a plan being hatched! 


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