Make me laugh and you have my attention

Humour is without a doubt the best medicine. And no matter how busy my day, make me laugh and you have my attention.

@manwhohasitall makes the slow morning commute fly by. And a good friend at work summed it up so nicely – it makes me laugh, and then it makes me angry, but then it makes me laugh again. Maybe humour is the best way to broach ridiculous sexism?

Amusing early morning banter with the team starts the day off with a smile.

Lighthearted sarcasm makes the silly requests more bearable.

And I know this works with the kids too, I’m just not so good at using it to my best advantage.

So, as I head home for the weekend, having worked late to clear the decks as much as possible in view of Monday off (thank you jet-lagged hubby for running straight back into kiddie duty), I’m going to try and laugh at all the things I normally get irritated with, and more importantly, I’m going to try and make the pickles laugh too.

Because the real truth of the matter is, make me laugh and you have my heart.

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