Mid-Life Learnings

Mid-Life Learnings: falling into place

Mid-Life Learnings

Mid-Life Learnings

What matters? After all my falling apart, unbecoming and re-assembling, what really matters? What are my Mid-Life Learnings?

Mid-Life Learnings
The Lightbulb Moment

Well, my list so far, of what really matters, to me, looks as follows:

– Family First (it really is about time…)

– A spirit of adventure

– Fun: enthusiasm, enjoyment, laughter and courage

– Perseverance: never give up the dream

– Honesty, integrity & authenticity (Be Me)

– Kindness.  Kindness really matters. (Why don’t more people get that?)

– Rest & recovery

– Freedom, flexibility & positive choices (not default decisions)

– Gratitude and joy…

MId-Life Learnings

And the challenge? To live these values, not just to aspire to them. And to acknowledge where the gaps exist…and ask why…

Mid-Life Learnings

And for my biggest Challengethat of Parenting better, where have my Mid-Life Learnings led me?  Well, to write my own Parenting Manifesto, with a mish-mash of Brené Brown-ism’s and HuffPost inspired words, that consistently make me think and strive to be better…

Above all else, I want you to know that you are loved, and loveable (& at the end of the day, Love Wins)

– You will learn this from my words and actions: from how I treat you and how I treat myself (This is an ever-ongoing Work In Progress… bear with me…)

– You will learn accountability & respect by watching me make mistakes and make amends (See above: I will screw up lots. I fall so far short of perfection. Forgive me, please, when I let you down)

I want you to be courageous, to dare greatly, to show up & let your real self be seen

 Mid-Life Learnings

– As a family, we honour hard work, hope & perseverance (Effort matters more than performance – or as my Dad used to say, the only thing that matters is that you try your best…)

– I will help you to learn that it is OK to fail – because when you do fail, it means that you are really trying

Mid-Life Learnings

Rest and play are not only family values, but family practices (and we need to practice these more!)

Your tribe will be critical. Gather them close (show me your friends and I’ll show you your future)

– Have role models – but BE YOU (There’s already one of them. What the world needs is you)

Be Weird.  Be brave.  Fitting in is an over-rated achievement, and is very different from actually belonging

Listen twice as much as you speak

– And I will help you learn how to ask for what you need, and to talk about how you feel (Never be ashamed of how you feel)

– We will practice gratitude

We will laugh and sing (badly) and dance and explore. We will always have permission to be ourselves with each other

No Matter What, You Will ALWAYS Belong Here