That feeling of dread when you see Nursery’s name calling your phone.  How often is it ever good news?

So the littlest pickle has a high temp. and is out of sorts. The gathering of bags, the apologies for leaving early (although the timing wasn’t too bad, and I’d had quite a productive day), the hope that it’s nothing serious, the wondering whether she’ll be well enough to go in tomorrow, the mental juggling of what ‘really’ needs to be done versus what can wait (but for how long?) and the overwhelming desire to get there quicker and administer cuddles…

I think about how it might be easier if we had a nanny, less disruption to work etc, but the honest truth is, that if she’s ill, I’d rather that one of us could be with her. And with hubby an ocean away, this time is my time.

It’s making the late pick up of biggest pickle from Spooky Disco more of an issue, but in pyjamas and blankets, I’m sure the car seat will be a fine snooze location…

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