Questions – and answers?

Questions – and answers?

I’m doing a lot of thinking right now.  I love a good thoughtful piece to ponder over.  So I’ll share my life conundrums – will you share your answers?

Many of these come from the amazing 100 Questions Conversation Cards from The School of Life – Good Ideas for Everyday Life

This week, we’ll go from the sublime, to the ridiculous…

  1. If you actually gave up the thing that you wanted to give up but haven’t… what would that free up in your life?
Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the answer!

(I’m no longer drinking overpriced, bad alcohol.  Instead, I am using that wisely saved cash to eat over-priced treat ice cream tubs from New Zealand!)







2. Is there an art to loading the dishwasher?

(Yes, there is. But more importantly than that, I think there ought to be a rule, that if one person has started to load the dishwasher, they are responsible for completing the task. To save divorce proceedings.  In the absence of a dishwasher (!!!) the same rule applies to loading up the drying rack!)

Week 2 – Questions questions…

3.  Would you like to believe in God?

(I think so… but as my father always used to point out, most wars have religion at the heart of their rhetoric. Maybe it’s just better if we accepted the fault ourselves?)

4. When did you last throw your head back in laughter? At what?

(3 or 4 weeks ago, when the biggest 2 put on just about the funniest ‘Kung Fu Show’ ever… So good, I was crying…)

Bonus question…

When a yoga class makes you cry – is that helping or hindering the spiritual alignment, do we think?

(I have to assume it helps, else I think I’m b*ggered…)

Week 3

5.  In what areas of your life are you happy to be ‘good enough’?

(I’m trying really hard with this one, because I’ve come to realise that perfectionism doesn’t really serve me well.  OK needs to become a lot more acceptable, and as plenty of other far more intelligent people have said ‘Done is better than perfect’.  I need to practice what I preach here and just get on with ‘doing’ my website…)

6. What makes you envious?

(Other people’s grand travel adventures. Talk to me about a travel plan involving mountains, lakes and big sky… or show me the photos afterwards – I turn green, really green…)

Week 4 (& a bit… who’s counting?)

7. What’s your favourite simple pleasure?

(A freshly made cup of tea, in a favourite mug, sat on a quiet step, looking out to the world and just thinking… with a digestive biscuit or two to hand…)

8. If you had to write a book, what would it be about?

(The eternal search for ‘home’ and what that has meant to me over the years)

And the next ones…

9. Is there anything you regret not doing, due to fear?

(Nope, I am happy to say, that in most cases, while I may have felt the fear, I’ve gone and done it anyway.  A long time ago I made up my mind that I’d rather make mistakes and apologise, than get to the end of my days and regret things I hadn’t done.  It’s served me well this far…)

10. What is the most surprising conversation you’ve ever had?

(The first conversation I had with my amazing coach, Nikki. It felt like seemingly random strands of my life started fitting together and making sense – there were tears, there was laughter, and I walked away from the meeting feeling lighter than I had done in years… It was the start of a whole new me…and a fully fledged mid-life crisis.  Thanks Nikki – I think…)

And now?

11. Where, exactly, do we go from here?

(It’s slightly scary – and also more than a bit exhilarating –  to say that I don’t know.  But I’m beginning to realise that rather than just bumbling along and assuming ‘someone’ – bigger, cleverer, more important? –  will tell me what to do when  – which hasn’t really served the happiness quotient all that well over the past few years – I need to do something really simple, which is just choose.  This way or that way. One step and then the next step.  If something goes wrong, well… I’ll think about what the next ‘next’ step should be. But I get to choose. I have to choose. Because if I don’t choose for me – someone else will. And that is no longer good enough.)


And then?

12. This time next year, what do you want to be thankful for?

(I want to be thankful for having been brave – for having put myself out there and really tried some stuff, rather than just sitting, wishing, waiting.  And I want to be thankful for my small, but growing, band of friends, family & merry (wo)men who keep me happy, grounded and sane.)

13.  Where do you feel most at home?

(I don’t normally answer these things straight away, but.. sometimes the world throws you things at certain moments.  Listen to this… It is beautiful. And it is about home… a long standing quest of mine… Apologies to my Shanghai colleagues – I fear this may bring some of you out in a cold sweat…)

And as the end of the year nears?

14. Are you where you wanted to be at this stage in your life?

(Never in a million years did I think I’d be in Shanghai. And I’m not sure I ever thought I’d be brave enough again to make a significant ‘shift’ in my life and what I was doing.  But hey, I did it. I’m in Shanghai and I’m loving it. And I feel more ‘alive’ than I had in a very long while – so I think I’m ahead on this one…)

15. To what extent do you tend to feel that life is ‘elsewhere’?

(I went through a long phase when I really did think that life was ‘elsewhere’.  But not anymore. I really do feel that life is right here.   How and when and where I choose to live it. With my family. And with the people that truly matter to me.  I am an active participant in life again, and it feels great.)

And as it restarts…?

16.  When you look back at the last year, did you contribute more than you complained?

(Last year, I can honestly say, was the point where I stopped just complaining and started doing. I took control of what I wanted, accepted the curve balls that came my way, and feel that all told, yes.  I contributed more than I complained. And it feels good.  I’m learning the value of motion and action over just words.)

Stops again. And restarts…

17.  It’s been a while, but this is a goodie and a biggie: “Who am I becoming as a Leader?”

(And I’m sure plenty of people will say “But I’m not a leader.” But the truth is, you are.  Of your own life. So…?)