Thanksgiving in the UK

My favourite holiday, even though it’s not mine, and it’s not actually a holiday for me. Thanksgiving. I am thankful.

There is no turkey for me today. I have been to work, not sat at home. But I have spent the day feeling thankful.

For my family, in all its chaotic glory.

For my friends, both near and far, and the fact that they think of me, and me of them, with love.

For my job – no matter the complaints, I am lucky enough to have a job that I chose, that pays me nicely, that makes me feel like I have a value and can offer something to the wider world.

And for the fact that I had the chance to live and work in the US, where this holiday has it right. No presents. Just food, and friends and family, and a small ‘stop’ before the chaos of Christmas abounds.

So, for my biggest pickle, the American, I am thankful. It is a good, big world, to explore and enjoy. Thanksgiving – my favourite (non) holiday.

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