The joy of working

It might be thought of as weird, but sat here, at midnight thirty, in the World Trade Centre in Dubai, I have kind of come back across the joy of working.

I’m not often this far from home. I couldn’t tell you the last time I took a long flight on my own. Or when I last felt quite so much like part of a (great) team.

It’s been challenging, and crazy, and feet achingly sore, but amongst the exhaustion, and the (mild and not so mild) panic, there has been laughter. The ability to just think about the team, the project, the work (and not the commute, and the rush, and the everything).

All the time has been here and available to support the now, the right this minute, the here – and that is so rare in my normal day to day.

And at the end of the day, when bed has long been calling, it’s been so fun, so unusual, to just be able to go ‘f*ck it’ and have a drink instead with the team. Knowing that I can deal with the exhaustion on the flight on the way home.

And it’s been a good job. I’m proud of the team. And that, in truth, is the joy in working.

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