Sunday Night Blues


Sunday NIght Blues

(image courtesy of pinterest)

Sunday Night Blues – such a waste of an evening, but such an every week occurence.

Hubby’s away again, but slightly later than planned, so the day with the 3 pickles was more fun than anticipated – everyone likes to look for aeroplanes!

So, what do I do now? With tomorrow off, thanks to an Inset Day, I’ve managed to waste a good chunk of time clearing work emails – in a vain attempt to keep on top of things, and now I need to tidy up, put the Ocado away, sort the laundry, get over the fact that I ate a plate of (super tasty) chips earlier, and do something, anything, that can turn this evening around and make it feel worthwhile.

I should call the parents, or the big sis… I should read the paper, I should have gone to the x-trainer…

I’m more likely to eat chocolate and drink the end of the red wine.  There’s always tomorrow to be better, yes?

One day, I swear I’m going to crack the Sunday Night Blues, I just don’t think it’s going to be today.