Good things come to those who wait…


Well, they say good things come to those who wait… And, well, good things have come…

After 10 weeks in our much more than just functional, if a little small, serviced apartment, we have moved into our new house – and the wait was worth it!

It’s taken 10 days to clear most of the boxes.  IKEA has been visited again, and we already have the list going for the next trip, but… we are nicely set up, we can eat, we can sleep, we can (finally) listen to music around the place (however we have currently lost our connection to Absolute Radio, which is, I must say, a bit of a blow…how on earth can I keep up with the current trends in 80’s & 90’s bad indie rock?) and we’re getting to know the neighbours.

In those 10 weeks, where we existed from what we had carried out in suitcases, we did just fine. But we were waiting… And then all our stuff arrived and the odd thing is – very little of what we shipped over is actually ‘needed’.  Nice to have maybe, but… So our task now is to take all those things that we were so actively waiting for, and use them to turn this place from a house into our home (as I’m really not moving again, seriously. Well, not for a while…) And it’s turning out to be a lot of the small things that really matter.  A favourite mug for a cup of tea.  Our photos.  Wellies… for that rain…

Because, dear lord, does it rain! Bless the kids for being excited about being able to cycle to school… And great that ‘a little bit of rain never hurt anyone‘ is something they have taken to heart… But as the woman who then has to head on to Nursery with little one (singing along quite happily on the back of the bike), and then head back again, well… I was damp. Dripping in fact. And it just didn’t stop. Friday – rain.  So we waited… Friday night – rain. Saturday – rain. Need to go out? Wait! Oh no, no point waiting – just more rain.

So much rain, that it was actually raining through one of our external doors. Hubby found fungus growing at the bottom of the door frame – on the inside. It was dripping through the middle of the door. And the top. And it was seeping through the bottom.

And then in the middle of the night, our very loud, insistent – and entirely controlled from a Chinese touchscreen – doorbell started ringing.  And we did wait for it to stop. But it didn’t stop. It just rang. And the only thing making it ring?  Rain.  It took a while, but Hubby in the end just disconnected it from all visible cables.

And now? Now I wait. For someone to come and look at my very damp, and not quite weather proof door. And then I wait some more for someone else to come and look at my nonfunctioning doorbell.

So, my thinking is that good things must definitely be coming my way in heaps.

Keeping count

So, when the rain finally did stop (which it did on Sunday morning – and it was just so fresh and lovely and almost as if it had never happened) we ventured out to the wonderful Shanghai Natural History Museum – and in amongst the antlers


and dinosaur bones


and this little chap…


I came across this…


and my only thought was that I was glad that someone was counting…

Fancy a good question or two?

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