What I’m watching

March 2017

Billions (Series 1, of course…)

I find the mega wealth a hard topic to fall in love with, but the characters are great – and I wouldn’t mind growing up to be Wendy Rhoades.  She’s one kickass performance coach!

Trolls – the movie

How could this not be my happy place? Watched in twice in one weekend and can’t wait to singalong with it again.  Bright colours, great hair, awesome soundtrack – what’s not to love? (Oh yes, and the kids liked it too…)

Jan 2017 – Almost current – we’ve been watching the new Cold Feet series on DVD – and wowser, it is brilliant.  It’s moved on as much as I have in years and it yet again feels so entirely relevant and engaging.

And the sountrack – it’s awesome.

My only issue is the 8 episodes – what on earth do I watch after that?

Still nothing.  We will be the laughing stock of our kids classmates I am sure.  We have a 21″ screen (is it even that big?) down in the playroom, attached to an old DVD player. I have no idea what ‘people’ are watching right now – and I’m not sure I have the headspace to start thinking about it.  Maybe I’ll just ask when I’m back at Christmas… and order up some DVD Box Sets.  I’m pretty sure Nashville will show up again.  And maybe Cold Feet…

Any other good suggestions?

Nothing.  Unless you count old episodes of CBeebies things that I downloaded for the kids. VPN’s / internet access / all just too hard to think about right now.

Well, we’ve just finished re-watching the entire series of The West Wing, and even third time round, I think this is the best written TV series ever.  This has happily seen me through two maternity leaves, and I always feel slightly bereft when it comes to an end.  I was happy to read that Clive James feels the same…  Not sure when we’ll start again, but I have no doubt we will.

Linked, courtesy of Rob Lowe is You, Me & the Apocalypse – who’d have thought Pauline Quirk would end up in the same programme as Rob Lowe?  Stupid and yet very very amusing…this is a fun watch at the end of a night

We really don’t watch much TV at all, but I’m determined to find some god, current stuff to watch. I feel a little out of touch with the modern world…