What I’m listening to

Mar 14, 2017

Ok, so I’m a technology luddite, But I’ve finally sorted podcasts out here. And it’s great.  Interesting conversations that land on my iPhone and entertain me on my commute…


Good Life Project – from the great book with the same name: How to live a Good Life

Plus the Badass Women’s Hour – the wonderful Harriet Minter and friends. Weekly topical intelligent discussions.  Could do with some more of those please…

Feb 6 2017

Radio X. Ed Sheeran. All sorts of whatever I can get my hands on.  Spotify is working where Apple Music has failed me, so the SONOS system is singing again and so am I! (God help the neighbours)

Wed 9 November, 2016

Bruce Springsteen, Greatest Hits – on CD.  As it would appear that my current wifi set up does not like Sonos or Apple Music or anything remotely modern. So, I’m working my way through our much condensed CD collection, and tonight, Springsteen just seemed right.


Don’t tell anyone, but life has been revolutionised this afternoon, courtesy of the wonderful man… Absolute Radio has returned to our life, and I feel like I am slowly reconnecting to the real world.  Thank you modern technology.


Monday 7 December

Well, I’m listening, unsurprisingly, to the new Coldplay album – A Head Full of Dreams – and whilst I’m not sure I could ever actually say a bad word about them, well… it’s a bit…?

A couple of great songs, some lovely typical Coldplay lyrics but – not convinced.  Hasn’t stopped me stressing out about getting concert tickets (got them – phew) – because we all know the stadium shows will be awesome.

But I also fell across When the Thames Froze this morning – but Smith & Burrows, thinking this sounds a lot like Editors… Well wouldn’t you know…  Enjoy. A tad cliched, but a beautiful sound…

Thursday 5 November

Well, you might have thought it’s fireworks popping around me – but no, all quiet here this evening, but…

What I’m listening to right now…What is going to be my next big obsession… well, it’s most likely to be the album that this will come from… Roll on December 4th…

Thurs 29 October

I’m listening to Florence and the Machine, MTV unplugged, on Deezer, and it is truly awesome! What a great soundtrack to my commute…


(Fri 16, pm)

Can I redeem myself from the below?


As I cook dinner tonight (steak, with a rather lovely American Pinot noir to accompany), am listening to Editors new album (In Dream) and it’s as amazing a listen as all their other albums…  This really does count as good music.

(Fri 16 Oct, 2015)

If music be the food of love, play on…

If there’s one thing I love almost as much as reading, it’s listening to music.

As a younger sister, I got ‘into’ music at an early age. None of it good mind you but, nonetheless… I was a hairbrush singing superstar, and I was going to marry Andrew Ridgeley.

Nowadays, mornings and hometime are filled with Absolute Radio – a good mix of upsettingly great Rock tunes, with enough ‘modern’ stuff to make me feel like I’m not past it.

I’m a Coldplay devotee, and have seen them live more than any other band – and all around the world.  Missing out on a Coldplay gig upsets me…

But the latest twist and turn in my iTunes library… Taylor Swift.  Currently being thought of as a guilty pleasure, her pure pop makes me smile on the morning commute. And she’s one smart business cookie…